Meet the Blogger

Allen SmithHello, I’m Allen Smith. Welcome to The United Nations as an international organization has come a long way ever since its establishment in 1945, after the very bitter World War. Somehow, it has become a league of its own, providing a platform for world leaders to voice their positions of global issues. Surely it is far from perfect, but as nations and states around the world has come to acknowledge the importance of an international community, the United Nations has become more and more significant to foster this notion. This site wishes to dedicate its entirety to the United Nations. It provides access to information of UN polices, its history, it’s current issues and status of membership. I want this form of media to be a way to unite ideas about how such fostering of international community can benefit countries. It can also provide ways to solve the most pressing issues of our times.

I have come to make this a very personal mission. Since I have been a way part of international relations. I think the United Nations is the best way to get, not only states and countries, but individuals to participate in peace keeping, conflict prevention or humanitarian aid. I had volunteered in several humanitarian activities of the U.N. and found this time of my life most rewarding. Joining U.N programs gives you a glimpse of reality and it isn’t always pretty. However the effort done by the international organization has clearly given a hope for change and improvement.

To share my experience and the experiences of others in the United Nations effort in various issues across the globe, as well as to provide a gateway to important information and knowledge on the United Nation is the commitment of this website. If you have anything to share please contact us or visit us at 452 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10018. As former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan once said, humanity has a shared destiny, and that is the reason for the United Nations